First Ambassador

Mon Aug 3

British Racing School (BRS)

First Ambassador joins the team

Spreading the word about the opportunities that the BRS courses and Apprenticeship can lead to in the horseracing industry is something that the whole team are passionate about.  Especially as these opportunities are equal for those with experience of horses and those without.


So it seems only right to ask somebody who is equally as passionate about that message to join the team…

We’re delighted to have BRS Gradaute and now Conditional Jockey, Jamie Neild on board in the role of the first ever BRS Ambassador.

Jamie, a former Liverpool and Blackburn footballer, graduated from the BRS in 2015 have started the course 14 weeks earlier with absolutely no equestrian experience, let alone horseracing experience.  He is still proud every day of what the BRS helped him achieve and has said

“I’m delighted to now have the chance to work alongside the BRS and representing them as an ambassador is a privilege. The BRS took a chance on me when not many would. I’m ambitious on the track but also off the track & I have first hand experience being a teenager from the city, with no equestrian background to now, being fortunate enough to not only work with these wonderful animals everyday but to ride winners at the biggest tracks in the country. Young people need to know that this is a possible career path and a wonderful one at that, I’m excited to help spread the word.”

Jamie will be visiting schools and appearing on social media for us, to give you the opportunity to ask questions, and be reassured that, regardless of your background or experience, a career in horseracing is 100% an achievable goal.