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With every young person required by law to stay in education or training until the end of the academic year in which they turn 18 it’s important to make the right choice for their future.

We know young people don’t all conveniently fit into the same box, and the traditional 16+ option of FE at a college or moving directly into a job doesn’t work for everybody. Finding a different way forward isn’t always easy.

The British Racing School provides an alternative way for young people to begin their career. Our 14 week residential Foundation Course gives them the basic skills and experience they need to progress in the racing industry, as well as valuable life skills.

After the student successfully completes the 14 week course we then find them a full time paid job in a working Horseracing Yard where they can continue your training, begin an apprenticeship and achieve a Level 2 Diploma, fully supported by The British Racing School.

All training provided by The British Racing School for 16+ complies with education and employment rules.

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Myth: The British Racing School is just for jockeys.

Reality: There are over fifty different careers in the horseracing industry

A jockey may be the first career that springs to mind when considering horseracing, but there are many different paths to take. Trainer, Racing Secretary, Travelling Groom, Head Person and Stable Staff are just a few of the opportunities that a course at the BRS can lead to.

Myth: Courses like these aren’t for ‘academic’ young people

Reality: Apprenticeships can benefit everyone

The perception is that apprenticeships are only for people who struggle in classroom settings. In reality, apprenticeships are for everyone, regardless of ‘academic’ ability. We have welcomed students with straight As and young people without a qualification to their name – both go on to enjoy successful careers in the horseracing industry.

Myth: A vocational Apprenticeship isn't financially rewarding

Reality: Apprenticeships can lead to well paid jobs

An apprenticeship is a financially rewarding path to take. As well as earning as you learn and avoiding hefty tuition fees, research shows that achieving a level 2 or level 3 apprenticeship boosts earnings by an average of 11% and 16% respectively.