How we protect and safeguard

Our Ethos drives us to produce the best available training opportunities to young people

We aim to fully support young people who want to work in the horseracing industry and who want to develop their skills and talents. We are committed to continuous improvement, not only of the trainees, but of the training itself.


Our policies are agreed by the Trustees and developed for their consideration and agreement by the Management Team. You can view and download the policies by using the links below.

Safeguarding Policy 
Child on Child Abuse Policy
Good Behaviour Policy
Anti Bullying Policy
Complaints Policy
Bursary Policy
Child Protection Policy
Confidentiality Policy
Data Protection Policy
Diversity and Inclusion Policy
Environmental Policy
Information Advice and Guidance (IAG) 2024

Equine Welfare Policy Statement
Plagiarism Policy
Looked After Children Procedures
Medical and Administration of Medicines Policy
Online Safety Policy
Safer Recruitment Policy 2024
Security Badge Procedure
Trainee Cars Policy
Transgender Policy
Whistleblowing Policy
Allegations Against Staff Policy

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