Senior Team

Andrew Braithwaite

Chief Executive Officer

Carol Bramhill

HR Director

Duncan Gregory

Operations Director



Katrina Archer-Rand
Head of Fundraising
Jayne Attwell
Head of Finance
Sarah Hayde-Salter
Workplace Support Manager
Jackie Sidroy-King
Contracts & Performance Manager
Beth Sullivan
Operations Manager
Simon Taylor
Management Accountant
Tony Payne
Health & Safety Consultant
Zoe Hammond
Quality Assurance Manager
Peter Williams
Course Facilitator
Lucy Burling
Maths and English Lead
Alice Clarke
Hospitality Coordinator
Cath Goff
TRIC Coordinator
Natasha Goody
Recruitment Coordinator
Lulu Stanford
Jockey Coaching Programme & Jockey Courses Administrator
Sally Bonnett
Tutor & HR Assistant
Liz Smith
Finance Assistant
Henrietta Howling
Workplace Tutor
Rachel Langley
Evening Tutor
Nathan Mordey
Training Office Apprentice


Lawrie Gillespie
Facilities Manager & Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mark Cox
Gary Wilsher
Nathan Cox
Maintenance Coordinator


Richard Perham
Head of Jockey Coaching (South)
Kevin Darley
Head of Jockey Coaching (North)
Jackie Gill
FLP & Pony Racing Instructor
Melissa Moylan
FLP & Pony Racing Assistant Instructor
Hannah Thompson
Head Person
Lydia de Souza
Yard Instructor
Mike Hammond
Yard Instructor
Deborah Polley
Yard Instructor
Agnieszka Slobodzian
Yard Instructor
Laura Stokes
Yard Instructor
Emma Carson
Assistant Instructor
Tim Wilson
Assistant Instructor
Jessica Westgate
Yard Assistant
Alison Harper
Lead Workplace Instructor
Lucy Hammond
Workplace Instructor
Jackie Hodge
Workplace Instructor
Caroline Hurley
Workplace Instructor
Sharon Ingram
Workplace Instructor
Heather Johnson
Workplace Instructor
Abbie Lynch
Workplace Instructor
Rachel McIlwraith
Workplace Instructor
Sophy Scott
Workplace Instructor

Hostel & Welfare

Tommy Carlton
Hostel Supervisor
Sharon Clarke
Hostel Supervisor
Irene Godbold
Hostel Supervisor
Maureen Carlton
Sue Lane
Debbie Metcalfe
Karolyn Moore


Julia Budd
Glen Fendley
Lydia Hislop
Steve Johnson
Simon Eliot
Justin Wadham
Lee Moulson
Edward Creasy
Hetta Harris
Claire Kubler

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