Course overview

The provision of a Jockey Coach to all Apprentice and Conditional Jockeys to support and develop young jockeys into professional sports people

The Jockey Coaching Programme  has been designed to further improve the skills of young jockeys and to develop them as all round sports people. It is managed by the BRS in conjunction with the Northern Racing College on behalf of the British Horseracing Authority (BHA).

About the course

Apprentice and Conditional jockeys who hold their licence in the UK are entitled to be allocated a UKCC Level 3 Qualified Coach. The jockeys will receive coaching in all aspects of their careers from technical support to motivation, confidence, fitness and communication skills. The jockeys can continue to receive coaching until they have completed the season in which they ride out their claim with the principal aim of ensuring each Apprentice and Conditional reaches their full potential.

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Course Requirements

This course is for licensed Apprentice or Conditional Jockeys

Due to the advanced level of training involved in this programme, you must already be an established jockey to take this course.

Course Costs


The Jockey Coaching Programme (JCP) is financed through two main sources. Firstly, by funds generated under the Rules of Racing, Rider Manual D, Schedule 6 which requires Apprentice and Conditional jockeys and their employers (unless exempt) to contribute between 3.75% and 7.5% of riding fees. Secondly by an annual grant from the Horserace Betting Levy Board. Your jockey being on the JCP will not cost you directly.


Course Dates

This is an ongoing programme.

Apply Now


To find out more information or to apply for the BHA Jockey Coaching Programme with The British Racing School please contact Polly Greco.

Tel: 01638 669039



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