Trainers Module 3 – Staff Management

Course Overview

The Trainers Course consists of three modules which you need to undertake in order to apply to the BHA for a Trainer's Licence

Having learnt about Racehorse and Business Management in the first two Modules, this final Module concentrates on the other vital factor in a successful business – the people. With the increasing competition for staff and the complexity of employment regulations, this Module will equip you with important information on, and skills in:

Recruiting, employing and managing people

Health & Safety & Safeguarding obligations as an employer


Employment Law and NTF Guide

Course Requirements

This is one of three Modules which must be completed in order to apply for a Trainers Licence

Applicants must also complete Modules 1 and 2 but the Modules can be completed in any order.

Course costs


This cost covers tuition, materials and sustenance. Accommodation is available at an additional cost.

Course Dates

  • Apply 21/03/2022 - 24/03/2022
  • Apply 05/12/2022 - 08/12/2022
  • Apply 20/03/2023 - 23/03/2023


To find out more information or for an application to attend the Trainers Module – 3 with The British Racing School please contact Di Farrell-Thomas at or telephone 01638 675907.