Course overview

This is a two year course offered to 14-16 year olds as a one day release from school

During this first year of the Flexible Learning Programme (FLP) the students will learn how to ride a quiet racehorse, change hands and ride a canter in pose position. They will have lectures and practical lessons about most aspects in horse care.

In the second year the students return and will continue to work towards their Level 1 Diploma in racehorse care. They will ride an ex-racehorse on the 7 furlong straight canter, have practical lessons and lectures in all aspects of looking after a racehorse. The modules assessed range from preparing horses for exercise (both ridden and non-ridden) and examining the health and wellbeing of a horse.

About the course

Course Requirements

This course is open to anyone!

If you are interested in the Flexible Learning Programme you can speak to the teachers at your school and show them this website or contact Jackie Gill on, tel: 01638 665103.


Course costs


There is no cost to the student to attend this course. Lunch and materials are provided free of charge.


Course Dates

Dates for this course are arranged on an individual basis with the school.

Apply Now

To find out more information about our [Course] at The British Racing School please contact or telephone 01638 675907.

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