Horses rehomed for retirement

Catching up with ex-British Racing School horses in their next stage of life

Rehoming for retirement is an important step in an ex-racehorse’s life after the British Racing School. The horses in our care teach both the instructors and students so much, and consequently, it is important to us to make sure that when they progress to the next stage in their lives, they find loving homes.

Highlighted are a few horses who have been rehomed for retirement recently, one of them, Saborido, was loved by one of our instructors so much that he has remained at The British Racing School as her own horse.

Cavendish Road

Arrived: 2019

Age: 18

He was rehomed by HEROS Charity, based in Fawley, Oxfordshire, as he wanted a slower-paced life. He has joined their education programme and is settling in well. Cavendish has joined former British Racing School resident Gee Major.


Age: 18

Arrived: 2017

Rehomed by instructor Miss Stokes as he had earned a retirement after his career teaching the most novice riders at the school. Miss Stokes fell in love with Saborido as soon as she started working at the school due to his playful yet kind nature. Saborido can be described as a lovable clown, as he often forgets his age, getting overexcited about going out to the field with his new best friend Maia.


Arrived: 2021

Age: 17

Bowie, a bay horse stands in a field with a wooden fence around, with his head over the gate

Rehomed by Cambridge Vet School to continue teaching in a less demanding role. Bowie is a kind and patient character who is going to help give future vets confidence in handling horses. Bowie has joined former resident Lemon Drop Red.


Age: 17

Arrived: 2009

Deviation has been at the British Racing School since he was a 2 years old. He has since been rehomed to the Royal Veterinary College. Deviation enjoys plenty of time in the field and is a master at giving inexperienced handlers confidence on the ground.

We are always happy to see photos of ex-British Racing School horses in their new homes. And we look forward to continuing to work with ex-racehorses, ensuring they have a life well lived.

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