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Government Bonus Scheme
Are you eligible for a bonus?
Receiving a payment for employing an apprentice has been in place for a while now.  Currently you receive £1000 per apprentice.

However, the Government has increased this bonus;
Employers who hire a new apprentice between 1 August 2020 and 31 January 2021 will receive a payment of:

£2,000 for apprentices aged 16 to 24
£1,500 for apprentices aged 25 and over

You’ll get the payment in 2 equal instalments. You’ll receive 50% after the apprentice completes 90 days of their apprenticeship and the remaining 50% after the apprentice completes 365 days. To receive the full payment, the apprenticeship must last for at least one year.
This is in addition to the £1000 scheme already set up so you could have up to £3000 winging its way to you!

To be eligible for this funding we are asking all of our Employers to sign up the Apprenticeship Service. This allows us to register your Apprentice and then apply for your bonus for you.

If you have recently employed and Apprentice or are looking to take one of our Trainees on please get in touch with either or

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