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Italians learn English
We’re always looking at ways to improve what we do and ensure the training we deliver is what the industry requires.  So when Richard Perham, our Senior jockey coach, was approached by trainer Stuart Williams about language training he knew exactly who could help.

Fortunately we have someone on the team who speaks English and Italian, has teaching qualifications and has ridden as a professional jockey…
Our very own Mrs Harper!

Mrs Harper will be delivering English language lessons to a group of 7 apprentices based in Newmarket. The hope is that Alison will be able to improve their English generally but provide a real focus in on the key areas for them as professional jockeys i.e. pre and post-race interviews and giving feedback to owners and trainers.

In case you didn’t know, Mrs Harper was on course 1 at the British Racing School before going on to ride as an Apprentice jockey in the 1980’s.  It was tough being a female jockey back then so she then headed abroad, first to America, then Australia and finally Italy.
She ended up staying in Italy until 1999 riding 98 winners as a professional jockey, before joining the Italian Racing School in Pisa san Rossore as an instructor, jockey coach and English teacher.

After returning to the UK and working as an Assistant trainer,  Alison joined the British Racing School in 2016 as an Instructor, and is, once again, also an English teacher!

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