From Hackney to Winning Jockey

Young Jockey Rides
First Winner
Riding winners is something our graduates do on a regular basis, we have ex-trainees race riding all over the world, both flat and jumps, and every winner is an achievement.  However, every now and then a young person comes through our gates with a plan to turn a dream in to reality…

Kaiya Fraser is one of those, he came to the British Racing School on our Foundation Course with his only previous experience of horses, not even riding, being a 1 month stint volunteering at Ebony Horse Club in Brixton, the inner city riding school where Khadijah Mellah learned to ride.

At 12 years old, Kaiya and his family got in touch with, now retired, racehorse trainer James Eustace who said he should apply for the BRS course when he finished secondary school and that is what he did.  He graduated our course in February 2019 and a week later started his Apprenticeship working for trainer Chris Wall, and his own words “I’ve never looked back”.

After his win on Tuesday in just his 2nd ever race Kaiya told the Racing Post “I’m still excited about it. I was speechless on the day and I still am. I didn’t expect it to happen on my second ride”
“I’m very proud of myself, but I just want to make my family proud and provide for them”

And Kaiya, 19, should be proud! Having grown up in Hackney with no direct contacts in the sport, he has worked hard to realise his ambition of becoming a jockey, but he should also become a role model to other young people. He is proof of the message we are always aiming to get out there, that it doesn’t matter about your background, if you want to work in horseracing and are willing to try, we can help you make it happen.

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