New Website goes Live

Today sees the launch of a brand new Jockey Training & Development Website – The website showcases the world leading support network in place for British based jockeys and provides an opportunity to showcase all the different elements that have been developed in order to ensure jockeys are given every opportunity to maximise their careers both in and out of the saddle.

Included within the site is a newly published Jockey Lifestyle Workbook, developed by the JETS Personal Development team as a practical resource to help jockeys focus on all aspects of their lives and maximise their potential through goal setting and gaining a better understanding of themselves and their individual priorities.

Supported by all the stakeholder organisations who invest in the Jockey Training & Development programme, the website is a one-stop shop for anyone interested in finding out more about the various aspects of the programme as well as jockeys who wish to find more support, access training dates or log on to their Jockey Coaching profile.

Key features of the new site include:
Jockey Coaching & Development – An overview of the Jockey Coaching Programme along with details of key licensing and training course dates and further training opportunities
Racing Excellence – A summary of the various training race series exclusively open to Apprentices & Conditionals with full conditions, dates and scoreboard standings.
Welfare & Support – An overview of the key organisations who jockeys can turn to for support along with some useful resources including a brand new Lifestyle Booklet.
Team Info – Profiles and contact details for the Jockey Training & Development Team
News – All the latest updates from the Racing Excellence Series along with profiles on jockeys who have enjoyed notable successes on the programme.
Jockey Coaching App log in – From here, jockeys can access their individual jockey coaching profiles which tracks coaching sessions, key stats, personal development goals, activities and milestones.

Speaking about the new website, Jockey Development Manager Joe Foley-Corah said:
“This website reflects all the brilliant work that has gone on in recent years to create one of the best jockey development programmes in the world.  It will provide a hub of information and support for our jockey athletes, other stakeholders in racing, and also the racing public.  We hope that this new online presence will help us promote and progress the Jockey Training and Coaching Programmes further, so that they continue to improve and accelerate jockey progression and career sustainability for years to come.”

Speaking about the Jockey Training & Development Programme, JETS Manager Lisa Delany said:
“The great progress made in all areas of the Jockey Training & Development Strategy in recent years is a reflection of a truly collaborative effort between JETS, the PJA, IJF, BHA, BRS and NHC.  This collaborative approach, along with the invaluable support of The Racing Foundation has resulted in a step change in the support and development available to the Jockey Athlete.  Both the new website and the lifestyle workbook are reflective of the resources that should be available to these young elite athletes.”

Speaking about the new Lifestyle Workbook, JETS Personal Development Manager Phil Kinsella said:
“The Lifestyle Workbook has been designed specifically for jockeys, to support and enhance their Personal Development work.  The workbook provides a collection of exercises to help jockeys to understand themselves, their strengths, personalities, values and motivations. This increased self-awareness will help jockeys in all areas of their riding careers and at any stage in their career development. The workbook will also help jockeys identify and remind themselves of the wide range of industry support available.”

For more information on the Jockey Training & Development Programme please contact Joe Foley-Corah, Jockey Development Manager on 07341 489 756 or

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