Hard Work Pays off for German Apprentices Following BRS Training Week

The Overseas Apprentice course at the end of April, was the first time welcoming international Apprentice Jockeys back to the BRS following the Covid-19 pandemic, which saw all travel grind to a halt.

Sarah Biessey, Leon Wolff and Sean Byrne, who are all Apprentice Jockeys in Germany, were put through their paces by Head Jockey Coach, Richard Perham, in 5 days of fitness, riding and simulator training.

Since returning to Germany, all three riders have been passing the winning post in front consistently.

Sean Byrne won aboard Senate at Dortmund Racecourse in May, whilst Leon Wolff has seen wins around Germany with a four-timer in Hamburg last week.

Sarah Biessey demonstrated a calculative ride aboard Ilina at Hamburg in the 5th race last week too, weaving her way through the field and picking off her competitors one by one to win on the line, despite getting left being by 10 lengths at the start.

The ride was so good, that it won the Galopponline.de ‘Ride of the Month’ for June, with 85% of the votes.

We are looking forward to welcoming more Overseas Apprentices with riders from Denmark, Norway and Madagascar joining us for training in the next few weeks’.

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