It doesn’t matter what colour you are…

Kanane Francis
“It’s crazy not to have any other ethnicities in horse racing”
Kanane Francis graduated from the British Racing School in Summer 2020, having been given the idea of horseracing by Freedom Zampaladus, Director of the Urban Equestrian Academy.

As a black graduate Kanane is in the minority but this is something we, as an inclusive training provider, would like to see change.  And with young people like Kanane helping to spread the message that Horseracing is for everyone, we hope that more people from the BAME communities will see this as a career they can embark on.

Grant Harris BRS CEO said; “We are continually looking to encourage and welcome anyone wishing to train to work in horseracing, and we are aware of the BAME under-representation across the industry. We are working with other racing organisations and community groups to improve the collection of equalities data, and to run various programmes specifically for those from under-represented groups. As an Ofsted rated Outstanding Independent Training Provider we are open to any young person regardless of their academic qualifications or riding experience. All we ask for is a degree of fitness and commitment to the course.”

Kanane appeared on BBC to talk about his story and his message, which you can watch here:
BBC: Kanane Francis

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