What to do after your GCSEs

With schools now exiting peak exam season, thoughts are inevitably turning towards what to do post-GCSE.
Recent research by YouGov revealed that nearly a quarter of all parents do not feel able to give their children practical advice on what options they have when they leave secondary school.
And half of all the parents surveyed aren’t sure their children are getting the right skills that they will need to secure gainful employment.
In an uncertain environment, these concerns are understandable. The days of progressing through GCSE then A level, followed by a degree and a guarantee of a good, well paid career are long gone, with many recent graduates struggling to find a job in their chosen field, as well as with thousands of pounds worth of debt.
Yet apprenticeships are still often seen to be the ‘lesser’ option despite evidence to the contrary.
In reality, an apprenticeship can solve both these problems, often giving young people the best chance of employability.
The apprenticeship curriculums at the British Racing School are tailored to give students precisely the skills they need to be employed and be successful in their chosen career.
We have extremely close links with racing yards, Trainers and the British Horse Racing Authority, and communicate with them regularly to ensure every part of our courses will give the apprentices the correct skills and knowledge to meet the needs of the industry.
This way we can ensure candidates are learning skills which are in demand in the workplace, and employers will get staff who have the abilities to really make a difference and improve their businesses.

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