International Training

A trip to Qatar
We’ve gone International to deliver training
Two of our instructors, Julie Lingham and Suzy Berry, are in Qatar for two weeks, training grooms employed by the Qatar Racing and Equestrian Club. The QREC are keen to both assess and train their grooms.

The grooms are drawn from India, Bangladesh and Nepal and just work on the ground. Their keenness to learn and work ethic are impressive and many would not be out of place in UK racing yards. The training is a combination of practical skills and underpinning knowledge. Some things that you might take for granted were completely new to them, for instance taking a horse’s pulse. Bandaging was another skills a number of them were keen to learn.

This also provides an opportunity for instructors to experience a new and different racing jurisdiction. June is not the ideal month for this as the midday temperature is often 48 degrees C, but they are acclimatising well and welcome the opportunity to cool off after work in the Persian Gulf.

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